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Daniel Calva at Jolie Plastic Surgery

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Dr. Daniel Calva’s greatest talent is spending as much time as needed to achieve perfection, and he holds the patient’s concerns, goals, and ambitions in the highest regard, with no details left unnoticed.

Patients who are seeking to improve the shape, and contour of their natural breasts no longer have to turn to invasive breast surgeries. Scarless breast surgeries are Dr. Calva’s specialty! Using his unique scarless method, he is able to enlarge, reduce, or correct asymmetry in patients’ breasts, without the use of implants.

Scarless breast reductions by Dr. Calva are sought by patients far and wide who wish to reduce the volume of their breasts without undergoing a full breast reduction procedure. Using several smaller incisions, Dr. Calva is able to reduce the size of breasts via liposuction, allowing patients to heal faster. Another popular procedure performed by Dr. Calva is the Fat Grafting Breast Augmentation, FGBA for short. Fat is harvested from the patient’s trouble areas such as the upper back, arms, or abdomen, and then transferred strategically to the areas of the breasts which lack volume. FGBA results produce enhanced cleavage, and increased volume in the upper poles of the breasts. This minimally invasive technique leaved behind no scars, resulting in natural looking and feeling breasts, when performed by a skillful surgeon like Dr. Calva.

At Jolie Plastic Surgery, Dr. Calva’s patients often request another fat grafting procedure: the Brazilian Butt Lift. Fat is harvested from the patient’s trouble areas then transferred to the buttocks to increase volume and enhance the shape. Dr. Calva’s liposuction techniques enhance the contours of each patient’s body delivering consistently beautiful results, as evidenced by his extensive gallery of before and after photos.

Jolie Plastic Surgery, located in the heart of Miami, one of the plastic surgery capitals of the world, provides patients with individualized care from the moment contact is made and long after the procedure is complete. Combine Dr. Calva’s masterful surgical technique with the state of the art facility at Jolie Plastic Surgery and the result is scores of happy, satisfied patients!